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March 31, 2013 | Sacred Heart Church

Alleluia Should Be Our Mantra

If realtors have a special mantra when assessing the value of any piece of real estate it would be: location, location, location. Christians, specifically Catholics, also have a mantra for Easter: alleluia, alleluia, alleluia, which we will hear repeatedly during the Easter season. Etymologically, the world alleluia comes from two Hebrew words, hallel (praise) and ya (Yahweh or God). Taken together, it means praise God or praise the Lord.

Why should alleluia be our mantra for Easter time? Three points come to mind, and let us look at each one in turn.  First of all, we praise God for the good He has done for us in the history of salvation; namely in creation, in the liberation of the Israelites from Egypt, in guiding and comforting the Israelites during the exile, and in cleansing their impurities and hardness of heart. All of these marvelous deeds or mighty acts (Magnalia Dei) that God has done for us are proclaimed in the Easter Vigil liturgy. Second, we praise God for sending Jesus to save us from our sins. God, being all-powerful, could have saved us within a split second, a snap of the fingers, a blink of an eye or with easy magic tricks. God did not choose that path. […]

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