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March 27, 2016 | Sacred Heart Church

ALLELUIA! Happy Easter from Sacred Heart School!
Recently, a principal from a nearby school shared a story with me from a 2nd grade student at her school. The young man, after hearing the story of the Passion of Christ, shared with her how sad of a story it was, and how it must have “hurt’ Jesus to be nailed to the cross. He continued talking about the events he had learned about, and at the end of his story, shared with her, “I’m so glad that it has a HAPPY ending!” Our Savior, Jesus Christ, has conquered death in order to give us a ‘happy” ending and Easter is our time to say “thank you” to him! His resurrection from the dead is not
simply a fact of history to be retold at Easter, but a time to remember that Jesus is among us every day. We celebrate Him daily at Sacred Heart School… in our assemblies, our prayers,
our classrooms and especially in the actions we share daily in our school community!
Our Sacred Heart School students and staff would like to express our thanks to the Parish for the continued support you offer. We appreciate the generosity you have shown to support our tuition assistance and help with facilities. If you think you would like to explore joining us in the Catholic faith, please give us a call or stop by. We pray that our Risen Lord will be revealed to you in Word and Sacrament, in the love of family, friends and Church, in the witness of charity and holiness of life. The students and staff at Sacred Heart School wish you a blessed Easter celebration!
Blessing in Christ,
Connie Rains, Principal

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