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Diocese of Monterey

June 9, 2013 | Sacred Heart Church

Today’s readings tell the story of two widows. The first reading relates the plight of the widow with whom the prophet Elijah stayed; the Gospel tells about the widow of Nain. In each story, the widow’s only son had died. For people who lived in those cultures, the son was the only support of a widow, and the carrying on of the family name by the son was equal to immortality. A widow whose only son has died could lose all hope. Elijah and Jesus are the restorers of hope; they bring the sons back to life. Saint Paul was metaphorically raised from the dead when he experienced the conversion and call from God that he describes in today’s second reading.

What are Christians called to do today? We may not be able to raise the dead, but perhaps we can rekindle hope for a single parent.  […]

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