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June 23, 2013 | Sacred Heart Church

A Message from Father Noel

(Delivered at the Minister Appreciation Dinner, June 14, 2013)

Good evening and welcome to our annualĀ Appreciation Dinner and Dance! I assure you this is not a homily, much less a sermon, but simply a keynote message on this occasion.

There are three reasons why we are gathered here. Primarily, this is the sequel or the continuation of our celebration of the Solemnity of Sacred Heart, the patronal feast of our parish, and from which our parish derived its name. Second, we acknowledge the efforts of all parishioners engaged in different ministries that make our parish vibrant as it is today. This is why we call this event anĀ Appreciation Dinner and Dance. Third, we want to make this parish community united notwithstanding the differences in culture.

This evening, let me highlight the third reason of our gathering. This can be best expressed with a question: How can we make Sacred Heart Church one, despite diversity of cultures? […]

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