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December 9, 2012 | Sacred Heart Church

The Annual Parish Financial Statement is in the bulletin this week. Just look and you’ll see that the top number (income) is bigger than the bottom number (expenses), which means that 2011-2012 was the first year in many years that we ran in the black and not in the red at a loss. That is from good budget planning and good, sound money management from Chip Campion and Arlala, and the finance committee. We hope to stay on this good track in the coming years, by paying down our debt and building up our rainy day funds for some of the big maintenance projects we need to keep up with. To help with the budget and facilities management, we’ve hired David Lansford, one of our new deacons, to serve on the office staff as Parish Administrator. Please welcome him and help him in his new assignment as together we go forward into the New Year and the bright future for Sacred Heart Parish and School Community.

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