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August 12, 2018

SACRED HEART SCHOOL NEWS What a joy last week at Mass when Father
Rodrigo asked all children beginning a new school year to come forward for a
special blessing! The beginning of school always brings excitement and hopes for
a new beginning! At Sacred Heart School you will see some new changes and
improvements that add to the excitement. We have added new doors with safety
Columbine locks to our upper grades and have given the upper grade bathrooms a
“facelift.” The school has been painted, inside and out and looks beautiful. Sadly,
our trees in the front have been removed because two had died, two were diseased
and the others were attacking our plumbing. To help with maintenance and water
costs, the front lawn will be replaced with synthetic lawn and a new electronic
marquee will be added very soon. Also, be on the lookout for additional
landscaping as the year goes on.  (…)

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August 5, 2018

Thank you parishioners of Sacred Heart Church for welcoming Outreach to Haiti August 11-12. Outreach to Haiti’s Fr. Robert Washabaugh will speak about the mission in Haiti: nutrition and feeding programs, medical care, orphanages, sponsoring children’s education, twinning organizations, guided immersion trips to visit Haiti, and efforts to rebuild the medical clinic in Port-au-Prince.
You can be a part of the ministry; the second collection next week is dedicated to Outreach to Haiti. Thank you for your generosity. For more information about this ministry, please visit
Gracias a los feligreses de la Iglesia del Sagrado Corazón por dar la bienvenida a Alcance a Haití del 11 al 12 de agosto. El padre Robert Washabaugh de Alcance a Haití hablará sobre la misión en Haití: programas de nutrición y alimentación, atención médica, orfanatos, patrocinio de educación infantil, organizaciones cercanas, viajes de inmersión guiados para visitar Haití y esfuerzos para reconstruir la clínica médica en Port-au-Prince.
Puedes ser parte de este ministerio; la segunda colección la próxima semana está dedicada a Outreach to Haiti. Gracias por tu generosidad.
Para obtener más información sobre este ministerio, por favor visite

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July 29, 2018

DIOCESE OF NORWICH OUTREACH TO HAITI – At Masses on August 11-12, parishioners will hear about the Diocese of Norwich Outreach to Haiti’s work and commitment to serve the people of Haiti.
The second collection is dedicated to Outreach to Haiti. Funds from this collection will support the thousands of families in the poverty-stricken area of Christ the King, in the capital city of Port-au-Prince. Your gifts can help provide education scholarships, medical care, nutrition and feeding programs, support for orphanages, and more. (…)

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July 22, 2018



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July 15, 2018

Each year, we as parishioners of Sacred Heart and members of the Diocese of Monterey are asked to commit to our practice of stewardship by pledging to the Annual Ministries Appeal
(AMA). This appeal supports (just to name a few) the formation of future deacons and priests, Catechetical Ministries, Catholic Schools, Respect Life, Hispanic and Migrant Ministry, and Youth Leadership Programs. 308 donors pledged or gave one-time donations totaling $94,740 to the 2018 appeal (2,121 letters were mailed to registered parishioners). 14.57% of our parishioners participated (up from 12.47 % last year). We surpassed our diocesan goal ($35,000), but fell short of our parish goal ($100,000); however, we will still receive over $59,949 in rebate money by
the end of December 2018 if all pledges are paid in full. Sacred Heart is blessed to have parishioners who prayerfully give to
this mission – so again – THANK YOU! …

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July 8, 2018

Dear Parishioners,
I am pleased to announce that Fr. Rodrigo Paredes has been assigned to Sacred Heart Parish as our new Parochial Vicar, effective July 1st. His first Masses were last weekend. If you did not
meet him then, please take time to introduce yourself to him at an upcoming Mass.
We are also blessed to have two seminarians with us for the next year. Seminarian Christopher Arriaga (who was with us for Holy Week) has been assigned here for his pastoral year, and
Seminarian Jason Taganahan will be assisting us as well. Please join us in making them feel welcome.
Yours in Christ,
Fr. Manny Recera

Estimados Parroquianos,
Con placer, anuncio la asignación del Padre Rodrigo Paredes, Vicario Parroquial, de nuestra Parroquia del Sagrado Corazón. El comenzó efectivamente el primero de julio. Su primeras Misas fué el
fin de semana pasado. Si no tuvo tiempo para saludarlo en ese tiempo, por favor tómese el tiempo para presentarse a él en una de las próximas Misas.
Nos sentimos bendecidos también con la presencia de dos seminaristas que estarán aquí con nosotros por un año. El seminarista Christopher Arriaga (quien estuvo aquí con nosotros para
Semana Santa) fue asignado para hacer su año pastoral aquí con nosotros, y el seminarista Jason Taganahan también nos asistirá aquí.
Por favor ayúdenos a hacerlos sentir bien venidos.
Unidos en Cristo,
Padre Manny Recera

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July 1, 2018

Greetings and blessings to the Sacred Heart community here in Salinas. My name is Christopher Arriaga, seminarian for Monterey. I have been asked to write something brief of who I am and why I will be here for my internship.
I was born in a small town in the State of Michoacán in México. I have no siblings. My father was killed in an auto accident about four months before I was born. God’s love for me shines through my mother. I have had the opportunity to live and study in different countries. I love to travel, the ocean, the arts, and cultures. I will be here for my internship year to learn about the different aspects of a parish life and to learn about the life of a priest. At the conclusion of the year, I will be returning to St. John Seminary in Camarillo, California to finish with my seminary studies. God willing and with your support and prayers, I will continue to third and fourth year theology. During my time here however, I will be helping and attending different ministries, meetings, local events, and just helping out in the office or wherever possible. I will also be doing homework and writing papers for the seminary. Please keep me in your prayers. I have been praying for this
community prior to my arrival and will continue to pray for all of your needs.
Thank you, Christopher Arriaga

Un saludo cordial y bendiciones para toda la comunidad del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús aquí en Salinas. Mi nombre es Christopher Arriaga, seminarista de Monterey. Me han pedido que escribe un par de líneas sobre mi y sobre el porque estoy aquí para mi año pastoral. Nací en un pueblito en el Estado de Michoacán en México. Soy hijo único. Mi padre falleció en un accidente automovilístico aproximadamente cuatro meses antes que yo naciera. Siento el amor de Dios a través de mi mama. De la misma manera, me siento bendecido por la oportunidad de poder haber vivido y estudiado en diferentes países. Me gusta mucho viajar, el océano, las artes, y culturas.
Voy a estar aquí durante mi año pastoral para aprender sobre los diferentes aspectos de una parroquia y también sobre la vida de sacerdote. Al concluir el año, estaré retornando al seminario de San Juan en Camarillo, California para terminar mis estudios del seminario. Primero Dios, y con la ayuda y oraciones de ustedes, continuare en el tercer y cuarto año de teología. Durante
mi estancia aquí, estaré ayudando y acudiendo a los diferentes ministerios que tienen ustedes aquí. También estaré haciendo reportes y tareas para el seminario durante este año. Les pido que por favor me mantengan en sus oraciones. Yo he estado orando por todos ustedes y sus necesidades desde antes que viniera aquí y continuo haciéndolo.
Gracias, Christopher Arriaga

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June 24, 2018

I always find it mysterious how God works in the lives of every individual. He does marvelous things beyond my understanding and beyond my capacity to grasp His
loving presence. This was and is very true to me, especially during this whole internship experience. It was a journey to remember. It was an intense year of learning and pastoral
experience. It was challenging, yet fulfilling. I was able to find a new home and community of whom I can serve and love. Liturgically, we are back to the Ordinary Season. But after a year, my ordinary days will be extraordinary because I will be carrying with me all those memories that I have had with Sacred Heart Community. As I go back to ordinary days of extraordinary seminary life, I would like to thank all of you for everything that you shared to me. For all the warmth, support, appreciation, and even those corrections and suggestions that helped me to be a better person and better servant of the Lord. Furthermore, my internship wasn’t about how I was able to overcome challenges and complete the program, but it was the mercy of God that helped me
and sustained me despite of my human frailty. Thank you my Sacred Heart family. May our Loving God continue to sustain and bless each of us as we continue to journey towards the fulfillment of His will.
Send O Lord, Holy Apostles into your Church.
In Christ, Louie Bellen

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June 17, 2018

ALL are invited to give thanks to God as we celebrate the feast of this parish’s patron —
The Sacred Heart of Jesus.
Circle this Friday, June 22 on your calendar.
There will be Adoration all day, starting after the 7:00 a.m. Mass and continuing after the 12:15 Mass until 5:00 p.m.
We’ll have a bilingual Mass at 6:00 p.m. (no confessions that evening), followed by a potluck dinner (open to everyone) in the Parish Hall.
This week we will continue to pray the Novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, with reflection, every evening

TODOS están invitados a dar gracias a Dios mientras celebramos la fiesta de nuestra parroquia:
El Sagrado Corazón de Jesús.
Reserva la fecha esta viernes, 22 de junio en su calendario. Habrá Adoración todo el día, comenzando después de la Misa de las 7:00 a.m.
y continuando después de la Misa de las 12:15 hasta las 5 de la tarde.
Tendremos una misa bilingüe a las 6:00 p.m. (no habrá confesiones esa noche), seguido de una cena compartida (abierta a todos) en el salón parroquial.
Esta semana continuaremos rezando la Novena al Sagrado Corazón de Jesús con reflexión todas las tardes a las 7:00 p.m. en la Iglesia.

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June 10, 2018

ALL are invited to give thanks to God as we celebrate the feast of this parish’s patron — The Sacred Heart of Jesus.
Circle Friday, June 22 on your calendar.
There will be Adoration all day, starting after the 7:00 a.m. Mass and continuing after the 12:15 Mass until 5:00 p.m.
We’ll have a bilingual Mass at 6:00 p.m. (no confessions that evening), followed by a potluck dinner (open to everyone) in the Parish Hall.
Beginning on June 13, we will be praying the Novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus with reflection, every evening at 7:00 p.m. in the Church.
TODOS están invitados a dar gracias a Dios mientras celebramos la fiesta de nuestra parroquia: El Sagrado Corazón de Jesús.
Reserva la fecha el viernes 22 de junio en su calendario.
Habrá Adoración todo el día, comenzando después de la Misa de las 7:00 a.m. y continuando después de la Misa de las 12:15 hasta las 5 de la tarde.
Tendremos una misa bilingüe a las 6:00 p.m. (no habrá confesiones esa noche), seguido de una cena compartida (abierta a todos) en el salón parroquial.
A partir del 13 de junio, rezaremos la Novena al Sagrado Corazón de Jesús con reflexión todas las tardes a las 7:00 p.m. en la Iglesia.

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Mass Schedule

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      7:00 pm (Spanish)
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      1:00 pm, 7:00 pm (Spanish)
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